Louise Fili

bedford postThis entry is not about a design exemplar, but about a designer. Louise Fili louisefili.com is a designer responsible for many of the logos and packages and books that you have probably seen, and I hope, admired. As designers go, she is both prolific and versatile. Importantly, she is very sensitive to the environment that her design has to fit into — the neighbourhood of the restaurant, other books that her clients has to compete with, the history of the product and so on.

This is what a real designer does: not just add a pretty or sleek face to the product, but make the appearance of the product correct for the occasion and the surroundings.

The example on the left is the sign for a restored cafe and restaurant on Post Road in Bedford NY. The use of a postage stamp is a salute to the (probable) original reason for the road, and the name of the establishment. The traditional design of the stamp gives you a good idea that this is an establishment with traditional values, and the use of wheat on the stamp suggests food. If I were driving by, I would want to stop and eat at the Bedford Post.

Thanks to Carlotta Duncan and Danny Annan for showing me the work of Louise Fili.

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