Wooden Clothes Pegs

This is probably the most prosaic entry I will ever have in my blog; the humble clothes peg. The best ones are wooden, these being more robust than the plastic variation, and simple in construction. They are made of two pieces of wood, and a single-wire spring that both holds the pieces together, and snaps them shut when the handling ends are released.

Those of my readers who are urban dwellers and rely on the local Chinese laundry to wash and dry their clothing, or those apartment dwellers who use an electric clothes dryer, may never have seen a clothes peg. Their basic purpose is to hold newly-washed clothing onto a line strung across some open space. The small groove on the inside of the peg grasps the line, holding the clothing securely to it.

These pegs have also found other uses. Most notably on movie sets where they are known as “C47″s, where the grips and gaffers use them for holding coloured acetate over spotlights – the wooden peg does not get hot. Musicians use use these pegs to clip music sheets to music stands to prevent the wind from turning the page, or the music sheet from blowing away when playing outside. You also see them on notice boards to hold multiple pages together.

Prosaic, yes. Useful, yes.

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