River Cat

Sydney Harbour ferries are justifiably popular; travel by ferry on the best harbour in the world is special. The ferry fleet is composed of various craft, each one tailored to its route and expected water conditions. All the ferries are utilitarian, but there is one standout that manages to merge sleek design with its utilitarian needs—the River Cat.

These catamarans have been designed to generate almost no wash, and are thus suitable for use on reaches of the harbour where bank erosion is a problem. The River Cats are used mainly on the Parramatta River, a tidal and sometimes shallow river running to the west of Sydney.

River Cats are 35 metres long, and carry 230 passengers. There is a wide, spacious seating area inside, and outdoor standing room at the front if you like to see the sights properly and have your hair blown back when the cat is doing 22 knots—a speed that is hardly noticeable given the smoothness of the River Cat’s ride.

Each River Cat is named after a famous Australian sportswoman.

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